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You are a rare and precious kitty and I hope this year brings you joy and peace.

Satire Hip Hop soung about the war.

thanks to Mel this is the first time I have laughed about this war. I hate to call it a war because that has a connotation of two equal sides, but I do not know what else to call it.

The situation here is a nightmare. Missiles flying all over the place, killing people on both sides of the border, but mostly on the other side of the border.  Not for lack of motivation on the other side of the border to kill, just our weapons are so much better.

I am in a state of total depression at the moment because of the situation.  I think that war is not the solution, but I am not in the consensus. Most Israelis believe that we had no choice after 8 years of missiles being fired at civilian targets in the South of Israel, even after we pulled out of Gaza. I simply can not condone the violence,  two wrongs do not make a right in my book.  War is bad. Period. 

Last night I took part in a protest against the war and even my brother, who considers himself a leftist, gave me hell on a facebook message for taking part.

Today, I spent all day in the courthouse bailing a friend out of jail after she was arrested for a protest Friday. she and a group of 20 others laid down in the street at the entrance to the army base from where the planes take off to bomb Gaza. They were not being violent and even left one lane open so it was more of a symbolic protest but still they arrested them and did not arraign them til two days later.  my friend is the gentlest woman I have ever met and the thought of her in a cold cell just kills me.  The prosecutor asked to have them remanded to custody till the trial, but luckily the judge saw how ridiculous that is.

I am just exhausted.

Jul. 13th, 2008

God I can not believe it. It is the 21st century and we are back to the trope of the murderous/suicidal tragic lesbian! This is just horrible!
It is a video clip where two young women are out on a road trip.  One tries to kiss the other, who spurns her advances, so the evil lesbian crashes the car into a truck and kills the both of them. The straight woman is Shiri Maymon, an Israeli pop star from our Idol show.  For those of you who want to witness the horror for yourselves the link is here.  Go to the very bottom of the page, it is the last clip, and press the play button.
I have been listening to this song on a loop. Give it a try.  Meir Banai.

The Other Sex Conference

I will be speaking next monday, 23/6 at 10:00 if anyone local wants to come. Here is the abstract of my lecture:
דבי כהן, החוג לאנגלית ולימודים אמריקניים
Turning the Literary Love Triangle on Its Side
In the chapter "Gender Asymmetry and Erotic Triangles" in Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire. Sedgwick proposes that in the erotic triangle the erotic rivalry is the bond that links the two rivals is as intense and potent as the bond that links either of the rivals to the love object. "The bond between the rivals is even a stronger a determinant of their actions than anything in the bond between anything in the bond between either of the lovers and the beloved." (Between Men 21) In my paper I explore love triangles in which a man and a woman are competing for the affections of a woman, specifically The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. According to Sedgwick's theory of love triangles, Gerty's competition with Lily for the love of Selden is in fact a way of expressing her love for Lily herself, turning the triangle on its side and making the true apex of the triangle Lily herself. Reading the scene book through the lense of Sedgewick's love triangle we can understand that Gerty's true object of affection is Lily Bart.

Hope to see you there!